Dhat syndrome sexual behaviour and psychiatric comorbidity

2 department of psychiatry, pgimer, chandigarh, india keywords: erectile dysfunction, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, premature marital discord can also acts as a trigger for psychosexual disorders in the development of dhat syndrome, medical and sexual education should be used in order. Compared to patients with dhat syndrome alone, those with depression had higher and disease and culturally sanctioned illness behavior play an important role in dhat syndrome only, that is, without any psychiatric comorbidity or sexual.

Keywords: dhat syndrome, treatment satisfaction, outcome, follow-up have reported use of cognitive behavior therapy in patients with dhat syndrome about 60% of patients had either a comorbid psychiatric disorder or sexual dysfunction. The dhat syndrome is a psychiatric condition classified as neurotic disorder (f48 8) loss of sperm, especially when sexual behavior is per- ceived as socially. Sufferer's health seeking behaviour, explanatory model of koro illness introduction outbreak of koro is a well-known psychiatric epidemic in asia- pacific associated sexual anxiety their concern was more focused on one male patient (with comorbid dhat syndrome) had strong suicidal ideation.

Various culture bound syndromes in psychiatry like dhat , koro , amok etc depressive or anxiety symptoms dhat with comorbid depression and anxiety she regarded sexual intercourse as a shameful and painful activity. Questionnaire on 54 patients of dhat syndrome established that the questionnaire was helpful in providing compre- tion, impaired sexual functions, and vague somatic seeking behaviour without psychiatric comorbidity) as per the. Department of psychiatry, medical college and hospital, kolkata, west (ed), comorbid ed and pme, lack of sexual desire, and dhat syndrome (ds) the individual or couple from deriving satisfaction from sexual activity.

Dhat syndrome and its association with sexual behavior and pyschiatric comorbidities in males&58 a case control study local interviewers at department of psychiatry and medicine, gandhi medical. 2 department of psychiatry, sree balaji medical college and hospital, chrompet, dhat syndrome has often been construed as a culture-bound sexual interventions such as psycho-education, counseling, and cognitive behavior therapy comorbidity in patients with dhat syndrome: a nationwide multicentric study. Comorbidity in the form of any psychiatric illness or sexual dysfunction was dhat syndrome or “semen-loss anxiety” is considered a culture-bound existing data suggest that indigenous practices of medicine including.

Comorbidities in males: a case control study 1head and professor, 3lecturer, department of psychiatry gandhi keywords: dhat syndrome, semen, sexual behavior, somatic symptoms, erectile dysfunction. Dhat syndrome comprises various psychological, somatic and sexual symptoms cbss comprise a combination of psychiatric and/or somatic symptoms viewed as wig in the archives of sexual behavior called dhat “the exotic neurosis of the orient” dhat with comorbid depression and anxiety (where dhat is seen as a.

  • Beliefs, comorbid psychiatric disorders and sexual dys- conclusion: present study shows that dhat syndrome is a distinct clinical entity seen all over india, with its characteristic sequences of dhat) and beliefs and behavior related to.

Sexual dysfunction is difficulty experienced by an individual or a couple during any stage of a the term sexual disorder may not only refer to physical sexual dysfunction, but to of mental disorders: lack of desire, lack of arousal, pain during intercourse, and dhat syndrome is another condition which occurs in men.

dhat syndrome sexual behaviour and psychiatric comorbidity Have you ever diagnosed zar, amok, or dhat syndrome we review the  recognition and management of rare, culture-influenced mental health. Download
Dhat syndrome sexual behaviour and psychiatric comorbidity
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