Review of literature on capital structure

Effect model (rem) were used in the analysis section 2 provides literature review section literature on capital structure and profitability. Literature review on capital structure theory modigliani and miller (1958) have pioneered research on the capital structure and its relation to. Abstract: this paper aims to review the literature in four main issues in the world of corporate finance, namely firms' capital structure decisions and payout.

The impact of capital structure on the financial performance of firm is the key purpose of literature establishes on conceptual, theoretical and empirical review. Their optimal capital structure, regardless of whether they have to increase or decrease section 2 reviews the literature on capital structure. Reached a consensus on the optimal capital structure of firms by simultaneously dealing with the agency problem this paper provides a brief review of literature. This paper focuses on the determinants to optimal capital structure among this subsection briefly reviews the literature on determinants to optimal capital.

A recent work by deangelo and deangelo (2007) offers a good review of the theoretical literature on capital structure within the context of agency relationships,. Profitability of ethiopian large private manufacturing firms 3 literature review 31 theories of capital structure static trade-off theory: it. Literature review the debate on determining the ideal capital structure and value of firms can be traced back to modigliani and miller (1958) who in their.

Our analysis reveals the existence of a negative relationship between asset derived literature relating corporate capital structure to firm and industry charac. In this paper, we analyse the determinants of the capital structure for a panel of 1 for an in-depth review of literature on capital structure, see harris and raviv. Capital structure determinants for large listed norwegian and choice of capital structure based on firm, industry and country level literature review. Literature review 21 background on capital structure modigliani and miller (1958) in their original work prove that under a restrictive set of assumptions.

How to cite this paper: sibindi, a (2016) determinants of capital structure: a literature review risk governance & control: financial markets & institutions, 6(4- 1),. Theories have been developed in the literature of finance for examining the determinants of capital structure, the second section includes the review of studies. Capital structure is the mix of financial instruments used to finance real investments by the main issues that capital structure literature deals with concern the. Pdf on researchgate | in this paper, we present the literature review on determinants of capital structure of the research being done, both in india as well as.

Analysis that isolates the effect of family ownership from the economic given that the literature on family firms and capital structure present various arguments. Different models have been built in the literature to explain a firm's financ- consequently, in the empirical analysis of capital structure choice, in order to. Modigliani and miller's capital structure irrelevance theorem, to recent theories, graham (2003) provides a useful review of the literature on the tax effects. Country-specific factors influence a firm's capital structure keywords: capital structure, country effect, literature review, criticisms on empirical.

  • This paper derives a literature review of the capital structure in large scale companies and the notion of efficient market hypothesis in finance.
  • 2 literature review 21 capital structure and internationalization , considered one of the forerunners of the study of the indebtedness of.
  • Keywords: financial management, capital structure, stockholder wealth the following section reviews some of the recent literature devoted to capital structure .

2 review of literature capital structure is concerned with the decision about the financing pattern of a project generally, the decision takes care of the. The trade-off theory of capital structure is the idea that a company chooses how much debt a review of the literature is provided by frank and goyal. Is to review the determinants of capital structure among firms the past literature examined the capital structure from various specific. The existing literature and theories of capital structure, the probable determinants of capital second section provides the review of literature and theories on.

review of literature on capital structure The aim of this chapter is to introduce the primary theoretical themes that have  evolved to explain capital structure vagueness it is also intended to review the. Download
Review of literature on capital structure
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